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April 10, 2020

Things To Do When You’re On COVID Lockdown

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Things To Do When You’re On COVID Lockdown

Once the novelty of staying home to prevent the spread of the Corona virus has worn off, empty days stretch ahead and boredom can quickly set in. We have 10 new boredom-busting ideas for things to do when you’re in lockdown due to the COVID pandemic. Whether you’re trying to amuse the kids, or are home alone, try some of these fun ideas.


Things to do for families during lockdown

1. Take a virtual ride at Disney

If you’ve had to cancel a vacation to Orlando, you’ll probably be feeling pretty gutted right now. Why not take a virtual ride on the newest rides such as Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, Star Wars Rise of the Resistance and Big Thunder Mountain Coaster. Now make plans to do it for real once the lockdown is over. Here at Florida Premier Rentals we have over 200 villas in the Orlando area, click the link to see!


2. Go on safari!

Kids are fascinated by seeing animals, and the more exotic the better. You can’t visit your local zoo or wildlife park, so save your money and go on a digital safari. has lots of webcams watching animals, nesting bald eagles and jungle fruit feeders. Alternatively take a virtual tour of San Diego Zoo and share the magic of wildlife in a new way.


3. Do some arts and crafts together

YouTube has thousands of “how-to” videos. Start with a basic search for a phrase such as “cardmaking” or “watercolor painting” and then see what videos are suggested in the sidebar. If you don’t have any materials, check out easy arts and crafts videos using everyday household items such as gift wrap, cereal boxes, napkins, tissues etc.


4. Create an obstacle course

Create a series of challenges around the home, such as stacking a pile of 10 tins into a pyramid, taking socks off and putting them on again, stepping onto and off the bottom stair 10 times (both feet) and other crazy activities. If you have a stopwatch on your notebook or Fitbit, time yourself and then try to beat your own record.


5. Do a jigsaw

Having a jigsaw on the go (the bigger the better!) is a great way to lose a few hours. Lay it out on a board so you can lift it off the table at mealtimes.It’s a pastime families of all ages can do together. If you don’t have on, order one online – home shopping deliveries are still operating, thankfully.


Things to do for solos and adults during lockdown

6. Treat yourself to a spa day

Raid the bathroom cupboard for unwanted Christmas gifts, toiletries, facial scrubs and masks and give yourself a top-to-toe beauty treatment. If you don’t have any, make your own from natural products such as oatmeal (scrub) and cucumber (eye masks). Apply a cleansing facial, hit the shower for a full body scrub and then give your feet the attention they deserve, pumicing the hard skin areas. Lather yourself in body lotion then wrap yourself in a fluffy bath robe and sip a fruit smoothie or homemade mocktail before painting your nails. Aaaaah, that’s better!


7. Trash or treasure?

If you haven’t vetted your wardrobe in a while, go through and discard old shoes and outdated gear. Let’s face it, if you haven’t worn it in the last 18 months, you probably won’t miss it. You’ll probably find some items you’ve forgotten all about.

Next, move on to the kitchen and apply the same discipline to your cupboards and drawers. Bag all the discards ready to drop at the charity shop when it re-opens. Wipe down all the surfaces inside and out and give yourself a well-earned pat on the back.


8. Learn a new language

The COVID pandemic may have stopped you taking a vacation, but you can get ready for your next trip by learning a new language. There are lots of sites offering free online lessons in Spanish, French, German or whatever language you fancy. Sign up and get a vocabulary list to learn each day and get your partner to test you on them. It’s keeps your mind active and positive.


9. Stre-e-e-tch!

Missing your yoga or Pilates classes? There are lots of online fitness classes to help you stay strong and supple in your own home. Don some loose clothing, put down a mat, have a bottle of water and a towel to hand, and get started! Don’t forget to leave a comment of appreciation as many of these video classes are provided free.


10. Trek Machu Picchu the easy way

There are lots of virtual tours online, allowing you to explore some of those bucket-list places from the comforts of your armchair. Why not stroll around Machu Picchu without suffering from exhaustion and altitude sickness that affect many visitors. Use the 360-degree controls and enjoy the informative commentary too! Avoid the crowds and take a virtual tour of the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel or search for your own must-do destination.


We hope you’ve enjoyed trying some of these fun things to do during lockdown and we look forward to welcoming you back to Orlando later this year.


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