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October 16, 2018

What to pack for a trip to Florida

One of our most asked questions prior to Florida vacations is “What should I pack?”

The stress prior to boarding can be immense, especially if you’re traveling with kids, so here are our top tips on what to bring (over the obvious, so don’t forget the passports and travel insurance!


The Climate


Take into account the season and climate of your vacation. Also think about whether you’re planning on heading to the beach, the pool and theme parks, as you’ll need different outfits for all. Florida isn’t called ‘The Sunshine State’ for nothing! It has a favorable climate for most of the year.


In the winter, lows range around 39 °F to 65 °F and daytime highs between 65 °F to 77 °F. If you’re traveling in the cooler season, we’d suggest a pair of jeans / light jacket / sweatshirt / covered shoes, in addition to shorts, t-shirts and sunscreen.


In the summer, there are lows of around 70 °F or 80 °F and highs of 90 °F+. Bring plenty of sunscreen / a hat / flip-flops / tanks and t-shirts / shorts / an umbrella or poncho / sunglasses / comfortable walking shoes.


Bug Repellent


Don’t spoil your holiday by forgetting this or trying to trawl pharmacies once you’re in town. Grab a bottle of natural repellent before you leave town.


Theme Parks


You’ll need a small, lightweight bag for the theme parks. Just enough to carry essentials, such as your wallet, tissues, water bottle and emergency snacks (it’s a nightmare when children get hungry mid queue!) If you think you might suffer motion sickness from the many rollercoasters, why not grab a motion sickness wristband before you fly.




Our vacation rentals supply towels to use in bathrooms only, so it might be an idea to bring beach towels to relax in the sun. If your kids can’t swim, pack some inflatable armbands too. Oh, and did we mention sunscreen!



Florida style is relaxed, so pack light with a maxi dress, a kaftan or two and multiple bikinis. A sun hat is a good idea, as is a beach bag and towel and don’t forget to bring a pair of comfortable sneakers, one pair of dress sandals and some flip flops. A slick of lip gloss and you’re ready!




Apart from the obvious t-shirts and shorts, bring a dress shirt (short sleeved is fine) and lightweight pants or a pair of jeans. A pair of sneakers, sunglasses and a UV rash vest for water parks makes for sound packing in our books!




The sun sure can get hot, so pack the kid’s sunscreen and hats. Good sandals or crocs for the theme parks are a must and rash vests and swimsuits for the water parks. Two each is fine. Evenings can cool down a little, so a lightweight cardigan or sweatshirt is a good plan. Bring refillable water bottles to save on plastic waste.


Our Vacation Rentals


It’s always good to check in with us prior to traveling if you have any questions on what your vacation rental does or doesn’t include. We try to make every guest as welcome as possible, so just drop us a line if you have a question.


Happy Packing!











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